Women Organize Michigan

Women Organize Michigan Summits are dedicated to the following:

These summits will address and further progressive causes that matter most to women.

  • This will be a forum for women to be heard. The progressive movement is not immune to the patriarchy. More often than not, women’s concerns are pushed to the back as “side issues.” Issues that are seen as “important to everyone” are given priority over those that are seen as “special interests”.
  • Women still fight for leadership roles in progressive circles, women still fight for representation at all levels of government, and women continue to be held to impossible double standards, even by so called “progressives.”
  • Many people have asked if men are welcome at the summits, and we yes, absolutely. We are happy to have anyone who is willing to listen to us, support these causes and lend a hand. Show us, that men of quality are not afraid of equality. But also show us that men aren’t afraid to step up, by stepping back, and listening, volunteering and following our lead.

These summits will be accessible.

  • Events will always be free and funded by donations and sponsorships. Making your voice heard should not come with a price tag.  As we have seen with this first event, when women get together, we take care of each other. I have complete faith that these events can be fully funded by donations, contributions from organizations, and sponsorships from responsible women centered and/or owned businesses. We refuse to leave women who are unable to pay out of this movement. 
  • Child care will be provided at every event. Many mothers see political action and motherhood as mutually exclusive, and honestly, so far, it has been. Child care is not regularly provided at other political gatherings. Children are not typically welcome or accommodated at rallys, fundraisers, meetings or gatherings, unless it is specifically aimed at children. And even then, children and babies are used as props for photo-ops. Women are the ones who arrange the child care. And women are the first ones to sacrifice their own participation in something if child care is not an option. THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN HERE.
  • These summits will be accessible to all, regardless of disability. All possible accommodations will be made so everyone, regardless of ability can participate.
  • These summits will be held in as many places, all over the state of Michigan, as possible, including the UP. They will be held in Royal Blue and Blood Red parts of the state, they will be held in Purple, Green and Rainbow areas of the state.  They will be held as long as there are women who are hungry for leadership, hungry for community, and READY TO ACT!

These Summits will be INCLUSIVE and SUPPORTIVE of ALL WOMEN!

  • Intersectionality is our only path forward. This Summit will make a conscious effort to give a platform and microphone to women from marginalized groups, and will teach those with privilege how to use your powers for good. We will never be divided again. There is no more “us” and “them.” We are one, and we are a force to be reckoned with!
  • We would like to make it crystal clear: Trans-women are WOMENand are welcomed with open arms.  Trans-men are men, and are also encouraged to participate. And intersexual, asexual, non-binary and queer people will always have a welcome home here.
  • We will NOT fight against each other. We have been trained that there is only so much to go around: Only so many dollars, only so many volunteers, only so much “political capital”, only so many places at the table, that we have been pitted against each other to fight for the left overs and token spots. We will support one another in our ALL causes.  We will not speak ill of each other. We will not bash one another. We will not under cut one another. We will take a “YES! And…” approach, and leave behind our “Well, I don’t know…” s. The only reason over half the population has been kept down, is because we have let it happen, and we have let it happen, by allowing ourselves to be divided.


  • Raising awareness is important. Cultivating outrage is important. These are the things that call people to action. But when it stops there, when your only action is sharing outrage, and spreading information, we have failed to make any lasting changes.
  • Every speaker and every organization will come to this summit with a specific “ASK.” This ask will be something tangible you can do to help the causes you care about. With action, we can make long lasting changes. With action, we can put our anger, our energy and our passion into practice. We promise to you, when you leave a summit, or when you read about a summit, you will come away with concrete, solid ways in which you can make a difference, and let your ROAR be heard. 
  • Our goal is to provide a summit of progressive organizations and progressive people eager to act! By bringing everyone together under, we can show that we are truly stronger together, have a future to believe in, and that our future is in our hands.