Memberships are a way for you to make your voice heard within an organization. It is also a way to help sustain the organization, and make it possible to fund events in a more proactive way than by asking for individual donations to fund each individual event. We are encouraging everyone who would like to support this organization to become members.

Benefits of membership will include:

  • Guaranteed ticket to all Women Organize Michigan Summits, which can sell out quickly.
  • Voting rights! Vote on how the organization spends its money, holds future summits, endorsements and other ways which can shape the organization's future. 
  • Your name displayed on our Membership page, with our sincerest thank you! (You can opt out if you wish, too.)

Memberships are in no way designed to discourage or discriminate against those who can't contribute financially. Like we've said, making your voice heard shouldn't come with a price tag. Basic memberships start at $25/year. We would ask that those who are able to contribute more, consider donating a membership for those who would like a scholarship. Those who are interested in scholarships can submit a request on the contact page. Those who are granted scholarships will be listed on the member page along with all the other members, because we are truly grateful for everyone's membership. (Scholarship status will never be publicly displayed, unless specifically requested.) 

There will be various membership levels, and the only benefits that will change will be the membership level will be displayed on the membership page. Those who can give more will do so out of the goodness of their heart, and will get the same ticket and vote as all other members.

Membership Levels Per Year:


$50- Scholarship Provider

$100- Sustainer

$500- Founder

$1,000- Goddess 

 Those who would still like to donate for individual events instead of a yearly membership are still able to do so on the Donate page. 

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