Women Organize Michigan Summit-Detroit

Women Organize Michigan Summit-Detroit


Sign up for a membership to gain access to all of our summits and for voting rights in the organization. Members will be voting on a ballot proposal endorsement this Sunday. 

*Ticket sales help us fund the event. If you need a scholarship, please send an email through "Contact Us" and we will send you a comp ticket.*


This summit will have a specific economic focus. We want to highlight that women are just as concerned about the economy as men, that we are economic leaders, small business owners, breadwinners, and that things that are typically considered "women's issues" like paid family leave, equal pay, family planning, abortion access, equal protection under the law, etc are all economic issues, too!


Program of Events: 

9:00 – 9:30 Welcome • Main Stage

Women Organize Michigan Host Committee

Dr. Lisa D. Cook, Associate Professor of Economics and International Relations, Michigan State University


9:30 – 11:00 Workshops • Small Stage Areas

Economic Justice and YOU • Area I

Danielle Atkinson, Executive Director of Mothering Justice • Graham Kovich, Senior Organizer of ROC-MI• Shawn Force, ROC-MI Member and Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan (EJAM) Fellow

This session will talk about how economic justice policies are vital to working class individuals, families and communities in Michigan. We will talk about current issues and give participants the opportunity to tie into the work work being done on the group.

Tameka Ramsey, EJAM Director of Leadership Development | (248) 648-0551| tameka@mieconomicjustice.org


The Economics and Politics of Women and the LGBT Communities • Area II

Dana Nessel, President of Fair Michigan • Lisa D. Stern, Fair Michigan Trustee

This workshop will focus on the need for an equal rights amendment (ERA) and the economic and political advantages it will provide to women and members of the LGBT communities alike.   Group discussion will focus on individual’s personal experiences with discrimination based upon their gender, gender identity and/or sexual orientation.  The goal of the workshop is to educate attendees as the political and legal protections offered by the proposed ERA and the reason it deserves the support of all women.

info@fairmichigan.org | (313) 556-2300


Women Take on Hate • Area III

Nadia El-Zein Tonova, Director of National Partnerships, ACCESS/TAKE ON HATE  

Participate in a “fish bowl” conversation on how we can stand up against hate, including its economic impacts, while also learning about some of the unique challenges facing Arab American women. Led by TAKE ON HATE—a campaign of the National Network for Arab American Communities (NNAAC), an ACCESS institution— that addresses bigotry and discrimination, particularly toward Arab and Muslim Americans, and stands against hate toward all people.

(313) 842-5119


The Heroine's Journey; Leading as Women • Bouchard Executive Coaching • Area IV

M. Nora Bouchard, Democratic Leadership Coach, Bouchard Executive Coaching

We've all heard about Luke Skywalker and his Hero's Journey, but few of us have know about the adventure that most women take: the iconic Heroine's Journey.Complete with dragons and crowns of gold, it is foundationally relevant to what women experience as leaders of other women and men. This interactive workshop explores both models and offers up insights into why female leaders are essential to success in business and politics.

nora@mnorabouchard.com | (708) 218-8444


Culture Design and Organizational Change • Area V

Diana Hallifield, Julia Pulver, Sarah Sharp, Managing Partners of HPS Consulting, LLC, • Brandon Hallifield, Project Manager of HPS Consulting, LLC

This Culture Design workshop focuses on positive actions to impact and enhance your organizational culture by:

• Defining your mission and vision to develop an "intentional culture", rather than permitting one to arise by default.

• Developing current employees as well as recruiting new ones to fit your desired culture.

brandon@hpsconsultingllc.com | (800) 353-0299  


Get Ready to Run • Area VI

Beth Kelly, Executive Director of Emerge Michigan • State. Rep., Emerge Board Member Kristy Pagan

Our members of Congress may not answer your calls, but we will!

We’ve heard from hundreds of women asking how to get involved, how to run for office and how to take action.  Join Emerge Michigan at the Women Organize Michigan Summit for a workshop that will help you navigate your local political landscape, grow and solidify your networks, help you to determine your goals and show you how to lay the groundwork for a future run for office. It will also help you determine if our full 70-hour candidate training program is right for you.Join other like-minded women from all over Michigan who may be starting down similar paths in their area.

beth@emergemi.org | (202) 431-9407


The Power of Sisterhood: Girlfriends as Your Secret Weapon for Economic Power! • Area VII

Ber-Henda Williams, Program Director/CEO of The Power of Girlhood

In this workshop we will dive into our most valuable resource: our girlfriends! As we launch our businesses, gear up for promotions or hit the restart button all together on our lives, it is the sacred tribe of our sisterhood that we find the strength, resources and tenacity. Participants will leave with new insights and appreciation for their personal friendships, the answer to a burning question or issue at work or in their business and take a bolder stance in the world for what she believes in! Our daughters are watching us. (We strongly encourage girls to attend too)

thepowerofgirlhood@gmail.com | (947) 517-7638


Social and Economic Case for Addressing Climate Change in Detroit and Other Urban Areas • Area VIII   

Kimberly Hill Knott, Director of Policy, Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice

As you surely know, there have been several extreme weather events in Detroit, highlighting the immediate importance of addressing the imminent threat of climate change. As a result of these severe weather activities, both locally and nationally, billions of federal dollars have been expended to restore impacted cities and to make them more resilient to climate change. However, the debate continues, and local communities MUST play a more direct role in developing innovative solutions and policy recommendations that resonate with various sectors of the community, especially the most vulnerable among us. Through our Workforce program, we work diligently to ensure that low-income and communities of color are equipped to participate in the clean energy economy.   

kimberly@dwej.org | (313) 833-3935


11:00 – 2:00 Interactive Panels • Main Stage


11:00 Introduction to Panels with U.S. Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, MI-12


11:20 Michigan Progressive Women's Caucus (MPWC) • Moderator: House Democratic Floor Leader Rep. Christine Greig • State Rep., MPWC Chair Stephanie Chang • State Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo • State Rep., MPWC Secretary Donna Lasinski • State Rep., MPWC Treasurer Leslie Love • State. Rep. Kristy Pagan

The MPWC will discuss legislation affecting women’s health and economic security.

Legislative Watch: Support equal pay bills and HB 4307 for paid sick leave. Oppose HB 4221, 4222, 4467; SB 162, 163, 164 on reproductive health.

stephaniechang@house.mi.gov | (517) 373-0823


12:00 Women Leaders in the Labor Movement • Moderator: Heather Roe, BSN, RN, UMPNC Vice-Chair, Michigan Nurses Association, (MNA) • Desiree Conyers, BSN, RN, MNA • Millie Hall, President Metro-Detroit Chapter of the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) • D.Etta Wilcoxon, JD, 2nd Vice-President Metro-Detroit CLUW

Encouraging more leadership by women in the labor movement and addressing issues and challenges


12:40 Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders • Moderator: Theresa Rich, PhD - Farmington Hills City Council Member and Oakland Schools Board of Education President, Owner/Partner, RichLaw, PLLC • Gina Goree Hitchens, MBA, President of Greater Detroit National Association of Women Business Owners, Owner of GHC Financial Planning, Inc. • Nicole Mangis, Owner, Brut Detroit Wine Bar • Jennyfer Crawford, Founder All Things Detroit, All Things Marketplace • Nichole Pardo, MBA, MSA, Owner of Global Alliance Solutions • Tina M. Patterson Esq., Owner of TMP Law, PLLC, tina@tmplawpllc.com


1:20 Detroit Leadership • Moderator: Helena Scott • City Council President Brenda Jones, (313) 224-3443 • City Councilwoman Raquel Castañeda-López • Lacy Dawson, Michigan Voice, lacy@michiganvoice.us


2:00 – 3:00 Break for Vendors and Organizations • Hall D

Senator Debbie Stabenow and Senator Elizabeth Warren Reception* • Room 251

 *Paid for by the Stabenow Warren Victory Fund. Donate via the link for admission.


3:00 – 4:00 Michigan Political Leaders • Main Stage


3:00 Gretchen Whitmer, Former Senate Democratic Leader and Candidate for Governor

3:20 U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow

3:40 U.S. Congresswoman Brenda L. Lawrence, MI-14


4:00 Closing Statements • Main Stage


Jocelyn Benson, CEO of RISE


Please visit our vendors and organizations throughout the day. 


Thank you to our sponsors!

Host: Tina M. Patterson, Esq. | TMP Law | tmplawpllc.com

HPS Consulting | hpsconsultingllc.com | brandon@hpsconsultingllc.com

K.F. Legal Consulting, PLLC | kflconsulting.com | kfranulic@kflconsulting.com

RichLaw, PLLC | trich@richcounsel.com

Terra Luxe Skin Care, II | terraluxeskincare@gmail.com


Thank you to the organizations joining us today to further the progressive causes most important to women through intersectionality, accessibility, inclusion, support, and ACTION!

BRANCH: A New Beginning | sabrina@branchanew.org

Congresswoman Brenda L. Lawrence, MI-14 | lawrence.house.gov

Coalition of Labor Union Women | cluw.org

Detroit NAACP | detroitnaacp.org | info@detroitnaacp.org

Emerge MI | emergemi.org | contact@emergemi.org

Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan | mieconomicjustice.org

Fair Michigan | fairmichigan.org | info@fairmichigan.org

Gretchen Whitmer for Governor | gretchenwhitmer.com

HandUp Detroit | abby@oaklandshelter.org

Michigan for Choice | miforchoice@gmail.com

Mothering Justice | motheringjustice.org

MI Women Win PAC | miwomenwin.com

Michigan Progressive Women’s Caucus | miprogressivewomen.com

Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network | uujustice.org

National Association of Women Business Owners | nawbogdc.org

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan | miplannedparenthood.org

The Power of Girlhood | thepowerofgirlhood.org | thepowerofgirlhood@gmail.com

Restaurant Opportunities Center of Michigan | alicia@rocmi.org

Stabenow for US Senate | stabenowforsenate.com 

Voters Not Politicians | info@votersnotpoliticians.com

Women's March Michigan | michigan@womensmarch.com

April 23, 2017 at 9am - 5pm
Cobo Center

Will you come?

$25.00 Scholarship Donation
Help those attend that can't afford to donate
$10.00 General Admission
General Admission
$10.00 Child Care
Child Care Donation

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